What We Can Do For You

The watchword within NM Solutions is "Flexibility is key, The Customers need is paramount" and all throughout our product portfolio we look to tailor wherever possible our solution to meet exactly the Customer requirement rather than take a "near enough" approach.

With the many years of experience within the IT Industry, NM Solutions is best placed to bring a wide range of experience to any Consultancy / Design requirement. This experience in both traditional and Internet based environments means that the end result gains from the best of both worlds. More info

With a carrier-class hosting environment, NM Solutions is able to provide a highly available and highly flexible tailored precisely to the Customer need. More info

Twenty years of development experience, including traditional Data Processing programming languages such as Cobol allied to the modern Object based tools such as Microsoft's Visual Studio means that hard learnt lessons are not forgotten in the modern world offering NM Solutions Customers the benefits of the IT Development best practises from global corporate without the overheads of a large highly trained in-house development team. More info

Lastly, with experience within the organisation from managing Computer Infrastructures and additionally implementing system management solutions, NM Solutions is able to provide Customers with the opportunity to leverage off the NM Solutions own monitoring environment to provide a high quality resilient management monitoring solution. Combine this with NM Solutions 24x7 platform management and a custom solution can be created allowing the right people to be informed by the right method at the right time. More info