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NM Solutions has chosen Easynet for its strategic datacenter hosting partner. Easynet has a number of co-location facilities within the UK, and NM Solutions uses the No 1 Brick Lane facility within East London. This datacenter provides state of the art datacenter facilities (www.easynet.co.uk) for further information giving NM Solutions 24 hours a day access to the equipment.

To ensure that NM Solutions created a tailored architecture designed to match the specific needs of its Customers, NM Solutions purchase empty rack space within the datacenter with Easynet. This allows for NM Solutions to leverage off the high quality services provided by Easynet such as the fully resilient Internet connection, power supply and air-cooling along with associated security access procedures whilst at the same time providing a custom architecture for the Customer.

The Internet connection is configured as being "Burstable" to 100Mb, allowing for any sudden increase in load without artificially restricted. Each month, Easynet and NM Solutions review the amount of bandwidth used over a rolling Three Month period to assess if additional bandwidth is required going forward. This ensures that should a customer site become in high-demand, the initial demand will automatically be absorbed, giving time for accurate analysis of the on-going requirement.

The Internet connection is first passed through a resilient pair of Cisco PIX firewalls before getting access to any of the servers. This ensures that only the services which need to be exposed to the Internet are available, removing the possibility of a hacking attempt on software which is not directly related to the service being offered to the public.

A pair of Windows 2003 Servers serves the Application hosting. These are running in a load balanced configuration, allowing the servers to spread the workload giving a consistent user response, whilst at the same time allowing for each server to assume the full load should its partner experience a failure.

The static web hosting is done by the ultra reliable combination of Red Hat Linux Operating System running Apache Web Server. There is a primary Hosting server, additionally running the User Control Panel and mail services. As an optional service to Customers, NM Solutions maintains a copy on a second Web server which will automatically be used should the main web server fail. As standard, a backup mail server receives and holds any incoming email until such time as the main Hosting server is brought back on-line.

All equipment within the Datacenter is monitored on a 24x7 basis, with the services being checked over the Internet automatically every two minutes. In the case of a failure, the monitoring platform sends emails and SMS Messages to the appropriate on-call person. Secure access to the servers is available, and all servers are connected to remote power switches, allowing NM Solutions personnel to reset the power on any server remotely wherever they are in the World.

Through its Consultancy arm, NM Solutions have been involved as designers and implementers in a number of high volume Internet services, such as the O2 UK Web site and shop (www.o2.co.uk). This design experience combined with Easynet experience and reliability in Internet datacenter provision and NM Solutions Service Systems Management experience means that whatever the requirement for the Customers Internet service can be supported in a professional and cost effective manner.

We offer a number of solutions.
  • Web Hosting Services
    • Hosting is on a Redhat Linux platform with the Ensim (www.ensim.com) hosting management platform providing the Customer with a powerful yet user-friendly interface on their domain.
  • Application Hosting
    • Applications which are built both on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platform and the Microsoft .NET platform.
  • Co-Location
    • Within our hosting environment, we have secure sections set aside for Customers which either need to provide access to a service across the Internet or alternatively need to have a reliable high quality hosting environment.
    • For Customers which want secure access to the server, NM Solutions can provide both a Cisco based VPN connection or alternatively a leased line solution.

All Hosting services are tailored specifically to Customer need. We do not believe in the one size fits all approach to hosting.

In addition to the standard hosting packages (see below), we can offer a number of add-on services

  • Web Design
    • In conjunction with our Web Design partner, we can offer smart professional sites covering all aspects from static sites to Content Management and E Commerce.
  • SMS
    • In conjunction with a mobile service provider, we can enable access to a full send and receive SMS service.
  • SSL Certificates
    • In conjunction with our Secure ID Partner GeoTrust (www.geotrust.co.uk), we can provide a number of different Secure SSL Certificates for e-commerce and VPN solutions.

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Hosting Packages

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  Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
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